Promises to Come

  • First published in Overlea House, Markham, Ontario, 1988.
  • Revised Kits House edition published in Vancouver, BC, 1998.

Nominated for the Ebel Memorial Award

“Powerful and shocking… has a lot of important things to say about the realities of the modern world.” Children’s Book News

“… for the very mature young adult… not for the reader who wants only the bright side of growing up as a teenager…”
Joan Weller The Ottawa Citizen


Becky is appalled when the Vietnamese “baby” her parents are sponsoring into Canada turns out to be a teenager older than she is. Distressed by her own reaction, she struggles to overcome her feelings of hostility and to understand the shy, silent Kim.


Her new family scared her. They were so loud. And so big, grinning down at her with their white perfect teeth and waving their arms about like noisy pelicans.

Such a huge room. Such big people to live in such rooms. Canada was an alien place. She would never get used to it. But it was a place to stop. It was escape. It was rest. She need run no more.