Goodbye, Carleton High

By B.J. Bond (James Heneghan and Bruce McBay).

  • Published by Scholastic Canada in 1983. 


Albert “Falko” Falkenheimer figures he’s the biggest loser at Carleton High. First, he’s the class freak—everyone calls him Retard because he has a reading problem. Second, when he’s caught sneaking out of class and playing practical jokes—like the Great Locker Caper—his teachers label him as a troublemaker. And on top of everything else, his girlfriend Cathy decides to go out with Henry Schlieff, the class snob and Falko’s cruellest tormentor. Falko gets so mad that sometimes he thinks of quitting school, even though he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he leaves Carleton High. But when he has to face the worst crisis of his life he finds out he isn’t a loser after all.


James Heneghan and Bruce McBay also co-wrote the young adult novel Puffin Rock (ISBN 0772550700) published by the Book Society of Canada, 1980 under their pen name “B.J. Bond”.