• Published by Scholastic Canada, 1991.


In the dead of night, out of a wild storm, a spaceship drops out of the sky into the yard at Kirriemuir Farm. And Blue shows up, a woolly sheepdog looking for a friend. Quinn McAtee threatens to kill the “useless” stray, but Andy won’t let that happen. Besides, he could use a friend himself. McAtee’s iron-fisted rule makes life on the farm intolerable. Blue wil be an ally – beyond Andy’s wildest dreams…


FROM CAROL, A STUDENT AT WILLIAMS BRIDGE ELEMENTARY IN RICHMOND, BC PUBLISHED ON THE BC LIBRARY ASSOCATION WEB SITE. Andy (Andrew) Scott’s dad died a long time ago and they didn’t have enough money so they moved away from the city and into the country. They brought their dog Patch with them and he was ran over by Mr. McAtee (the owner of the property and house) with a tractor. One night when everyone was asleep, an aircraft landed in their yard that looked like a transparent golf ball and there was an alien and an alien dog with it. The alien had a heart shaped head with big round dull eyes. The alien died and left the dog there. The next day the dog was still there so Andy’s mom told him to keep it but he refused because he didn’t knew that he cared for the dog so much. At the end Andy kept the dog and named him Blue. Blue’s a telepathic (sends pictures to others minds to communicate) dog and Blue saved Andy’s life by sending a picture to Mr. McAtee to tell him that Andy was in trouble. Some other aliens came to get Blue back because they once left a rumm here and it caused so much trouble they don’t dare to make that same mistake again. The happy ending is that Blue and Finder (Mr. McAtee’s collie) had pups and one very special one had a blue patch of fur on the belly and Mr.McAtee let Andy keep it and he named him Blue 2, but Blue for short. Also Andy’s mom and Mr.McAtee were going to get married and Andy was starting to like him and he could now call him Quinn instead of Mr.McAtee.